Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Slice of Life Tuesday: My Classroom is a Mess

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My classroom is a mess.

The floor looks the aftermath of a New Year's Eve party: scraps of paper litter every inch of the carpet like confetti from those annoying little poppers everyone launches when the countdown ends.

My supply cart, which had once carefully housed color-coordinated cups of markers, scissors and gluesticks, is no longer Pinterest worthy. A lone pair of scissors hangs on for dear life. My glue sticks are rolling around somewhere. The green markers are with the blue. A Sharpie sits without its cap on, slowly drying out.

My tables that I had carefully wiped down this morning are now coated with a unique combination of eraser shavings, pencil marks, marker smears and the sticky residue glue sticks leave behind. The curly edgings torn from notebook pages are scattered about, acting as tiny monuments in tribute to the day's work.

My bookshelves are cluttered with leaning books, the titles barely visible on some because of their peeling spines. A speculative fiction thriller sits next to a cotton-candy sweet romance novel, and I cross my fingers that the empty genre buckets will be filled and organized by the end of the week to prevent such strange bedfellows in the future.

My classroom is a mess.

But today we didn't just make a mess.
We created.
We wrote.
We read.
We wondered.
We tried.
We listened.
We connected.

So I’ll take the mess any day, because it means that we did something.


  1. I love these kinds of messes!!!

  2. I love these kinds of messes!!!

  3. :) I have to remind myself that the mess is part of the process!