Sunday, March 12, 2017

12/31: Resetting my Furry Alarm Clock #sol17

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers blog for hosting the #sol17 writing challenge! 
Every night before I go to bed, I set my alarm clock on my phone for 5:30 AM.

Every night, I remind myself that I really don't need to set an alarm. After all, I've got the most foolproof alarm there that is always on time, doesn't miss a day and is very, very persistent.

My cat, Waffle. 

Every morning at 5:15 on the dot, Waffle starts peeping. Yes, peeping. She doesn't really meow (she's too polite for that), but she makes it known that she wants me to get up. Because she's hungry.

I'm not entirely sure when she first started conning me to get out of bed at such an ungodly hour to fill up her food dish, but I can tell you that she's hard to resist. She is juuust annoying enough for me to sigh heavily, throw back the covers and trundle to the kitchen, where I blearily scoop out Fancy Feast from its tiny can and into her bowl. The entire time I'm preparing her breakfast, she continues to peep, as if to say, "Can you hurry up, please?"

By the time Her Highness is served (along with my other cat, Goose, who is much less food-focused than her little sister), I'm already up, so I might as well get on with my day. And so it goes. 

Today, however, due to Daylight Savings Time, my furry alarm didn't go off until 6:15 AM. While it felt like an hour earlier, a little spark of hope flamed in my chest. Tomorrow, would Waffle let me sleep in a little more? Had I actually found a benefit to the accursed decision to "spring forward?" 

Only time will tell. One thing I know to be certain, though: my alarm clock is way cuter than most.

Goose is on the left, and Waffle is on the right. Don't be fooled by the innocent faces. 


  1. It's amazing how our pets manage to figure out how to rule the household. I love how you were able to squeak out an extra hour of sleep.

  2. Our pets don't seem to reset their clocks very well, do they? I'm glad you got some sleep, my fur babes were up at the usual! Maybe the delayed night time will help tomorrow!!

  3. This is so funny! My four legged alarm is a black lab named Star. She used to get up early and insist, in no uncertain terms, on being fed immediately. As she has gotten older (she'll be 11 this summer) she is much more willing to sleep in! Thank heaven! I hope Waffle will be confused for at least a day or two!

  4. I love your alarm clock story! I certainly hope you were able to sleep in a few extra minutes this morning! Maybe Waffle will be fooled by the extra bit of darkness in the morning!

  5. I can relate to this post as I too have two kitties. They love routine and know when you need to get up and of course feed them.