Sunday, March 19, 2017

19/31: The Cinnamon Roll That Wasn't #sol17

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers blog for hosting the #sol17 writing challenge! 
9:50 AM.

I sighed and turned my phone over so that I wouldn't be tempted to check the time again. 

"She said 10, right?" I looked at my husband, the corners of my mouth turning down slightly, a move that he knows is the precursor to the Full-Blown Katie Pout (TM). 

He nods his head. "Do you want to wait?" 

I looked at the table in front of us. Both of our dishes were empty. Traces of my ham and egg burrito and smears of the whipped cream from his French toast were the only remnants of our breakfast. I glanced over at the chalkboard sign over the counter that bore the words that had haunted me since we walked through the doors of Russell's Cafe: Saturday is Cinnamon Roll Day! 

I looked Scott dead in the eye. "Yes." 

I have A Thing for cinnamon rolls. Simply put, I adore them. They are nature's perfect food. So naturally, when Scott and I arrived at Russell's at 9 AM, the first thing out of my mouth after the perky girl behind the cash register greeted me was, "So, about those cinnamon rolls..." 

Her face fell momentarily. "Yes, we have cinnamon rolls, but they're not ready yet. They take a while to proof. They'll be done around 10, I think." 

So here we were. Our breakfast was finished. Scott had drank at least three cups of coffee. I was nursing my second glass of iced tea and had read the free copy of St. Louis's food magazine from cover to cover in an attempt to take my mind off of the cinnamon roll (of course, this happened to be their pastry issue. Mission NOT accomplished).

10:05 AM.

Just as I was about to give up all hope, I heard a squeal from the girl at the register. "Oh, they're ready?! Awesome!"

She could only be talking about one thing.

I swear my ears literally perked up. I sat up a little straighter, waiting to witness the moment where the pastry I had (not so) patiently been waiting for was placed behind the counter next to the cookies, scones and muffins already on display.

Another worker walked out from the back, reverently holding a giant cast-iron pan. Inside sat six of the largest cinnamon rolls I had ever seen, each the size of a small dog. I'm pretty sure a heavenly glow surrounded the pan. The aroma was enticing. The rolls were perfectly browned. Steam rose from each perfect rosette of happiness. But something was missing...

"There's no...there's no icing?" I tore my eyes away from the rolls to look at Scott. The sorrow in his eyes confirmed my fears. NAKED CINNAMON ROLLS? The horror! 

10:10 AM. 

I picked up my keys and slid out of the booth. Scott didn't have to ask; I had already made up my mind.

There would be no cinnamon rolls eaten today. After all, when it comes to breakfast pastries, a girl's gotta have standards. 


  1. I am with you. A naked cinnamon roll cannot be eaten. Did they have to be cool before they can put the icing on?

    1. Maybe! I didn't stick around long enough to find out...more research is needed.

  2. ha! absolutely one can NOT be expected to eat a naked cinnamon roll!

  3. I am very perplexed by a naked cinnamon roll! Not right! Not right at all.

  4. Oh, what a torturous morning! Who would eat a naked cinnamon roll? Sorry you didn't get the cinnamon satisfaction!

  5. A cinnamon roll WITHOUT icing? What kind of world are we living in when it's perfectly okay to serve naked cinnamon rolls?! Stick with your standards!

  6. I love your style of writing, Katie. I agree with you-cinnamon rolls need icing!

  7. This was hysterical! My favorite part was the cinnamon rolls were each the size of a small dog! Lol. I cannot believe they weren't iced! Disappointing.

  8. Your post made me laugh out loud! Now I'm craving cinnamon rolls:) There is no way that you could have accepted a cinnamon roll without icing! That is just so wrong!

  9. This slice is too funny! Naked cinnamon rolls, even ones the size of small dogs, should definitely not be allowed! Maybe you could back a little later sometime over spring break!

  10. Way to stick to your standards! I will have to bring you one of Morgan's homemade cinnamon rolls...they are quite tasty and he makes the cream cheese icing!