Monday, March 27, 2017

27/31: Ms. K, I Have a Book For You #sol17

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers blog for hosting the #sol17 writing challenge! 
"Ms. K? I have a book for you." 

I stood in the hallway, next to the math classroom doorway. I must admit, my mood was rather sour. After all, the laundry list of Reasons Why Today Sucks was long:
  • It's Monday
  • It's the first day back after spring break
  • It's raining
  • The hallway smells like wet middle schoolers (which sort of smells like wet dog...just with more Axe)
So I had my reasons. But then Jessica told me that she had a book for me. 

If you're a teacher, I hope you have a Jessica in your classroom. She's the kind of kid who's impossibly cool for a seventh grader. She's witty, sardonic, whip-smart and really, really nice to boot.

 And she reads. Oh man, this girl reads. We swap books like baseball cards, and more than once I have found myself thinking as I turn the pages of yet another novel, Jessica would love this book. We like our reading material sad and gritty. A good book to us is one that causes an existential crisis with every sentence. A little morbid, but hey. Books should make you feel something, in our opinion.

So when I stood in the hallway this morning, feeling every bit of the weight of the Monday right after spring break on my shoulders, hearing "Ms. K? I have a book for you" was exactly what I needed.

And just like that, Monday didn't seem so bad. Sure, the hallway still smelled. The rain still speckled the windows of my classroom. But at least I had a good book to look forward to, thanks to one of my wonderful students. 


  1. How amazing! Sorry about the smell, I use lavendar ferbreze but even that doesn't help me!

  2. I'm sitting at my favorite bookstore, the Tattered Cover, in Denver, supposedly grading papers, but actually reading slices. And your piece, with the comment about middle schoolers smelling like Wet Dogs, but with more Axe, makes me spit coffee all over the computer screen! Too, too funny!!! My reader like this is an eighth grader. She loves Jodi Piccoult. My mom gave me Piccoult's newest book, which she just read for book club. I am racing through it, anticipating giving it to Alison the day after break.

  3. thats so awesome! i love when kids want to try to do well in their life and love to read and love to be apart of school! especially middle schoolers! thats huge

  4. Such a great slice! And this description!!! "The hallway smells like wet middle schoolers (which sort of smells like wet dog...just with more Axe)"

  5. There are no sweeter words than a student with a book share!

  6. Everybody needs a Jessica! Love the wet dogs except with more axe detail. You captured my feelings about today perfectly!