Sunday, March 11, 2018

11/31: 10 Thoughts During Hot Yoga

I've only taken a few hot yoga classes, but I hit one up this morning with my friend Ashley. Here's a running narrative of what was going through my head.

1. Oh geez. They weren't kidding about the 'hot' part of hot yoga. Enough heat to rival a middle school dance or some sort of rave is radiating through this place.

2. I hope no one judges my cheapo Amazon mat with the puncture marks where my cats decided to sharpen their claws. #notfancy

3. That must be the instructor. Wait. Why is she heading towards the thermostat...are you kidding me?! She's bumping the temperature up!

4. Okay, here we go. Deep breaths. So this is what breathing should feel like...I need to do more of these at work.

5. Ugh, I am in desperate need of a pedicure. Nothing like a foldover to get up close and personal with your calluses.

6. At least my yoga pants are cute.

7. Tree pose is my favorite. I feel so...arborous when the instructor tells me to grow my branches.

8. Sweat. Everywhere. In places I don't care to admit. But hey, warrior pose looks way cooler when you're glistening, right?

9. Happy baby? Don't mind if I do. Looks so stupid, feels so good.

10. I'm pretty sure actual corpses don't sweat like this, but I don't care. I made it to savasana...and the end of class. A tall glass of water is in my future.


  1. LOVE the internal narrative. I may have to try this. Love that you tried something new and shared it. Question is... will you go back?!

  2. Your internal dialogue allowed me to fully grasp this experience for you. As a fellow "occasional" hot yoga participant, I can totally relate. I bet you will be sore tomorrow. :)

  3. #7 made me LOL the biggest -- not spit-flying-from-my-mouth-through-sheer-force-of-laugh biggest, but I maintain that it was a big laugh. I very much enjoyed your internal dialogue perspective. Quite fun!