Tuesday, March 13, 2018

13:31: Pressure

Things I'm better at when under pressure:
  • Cutting corners in inventive ways (when running late, the lid to the cream cheese tub becomes a knife!)
  • Making outfit decisions (when you've got three minutes, everyone becomes a fashion expert)
  • Chopping vegetables quickly and dramatically (while keeping thumbs in tact)
  • Making dramatic sound effects to help keep myself motivated (a well-placed "whoosh" as I rush from room to room does wonders)
  • Carrying more bags per arm than one might think possible (if you balance it out, it's all good!)
And, of course...
  • Writing (when you have a late night at school and still have yet to slice at 9:30 PM, it's amazing what you can do under a little pressure!)


  1. Good thoughts! I too feel need for pressure as much as I'd prefer not to put myself into it. Thanks for sharing the cream cheese idea and dramatic sound effects. BAM! You go, girl! Good luck with the rest of the month's slicing!

  2. Better late, than never, as they say! I'm glad that I'm not the only one to make dramatic sound effects, and I, too, tend to carry more bags per arm than may seem possible. Except I tend to purposely overload one arm so that my other remains able to open the door.