Thursday, March 15, 2018

15/31: Capitol Hill Maze

Today, I spent time on Capitol Hill advocating for Title 2 and SEED funds for the National Writing Project. Let's just say the layout of some of the buildings wasn't intuitive...

I sighed and looked at Nancy and Julie, my colleagues. Another dead end. 
"I swear the sign said this way..."

My voice trailed off as men with ties flapping blew by us and women in impractical heels clunked past purposefully. I squinted my eyes and read the gold-embossed sign again. 

"Let's try this way," I said, clutching my folder with materials about the National Writing Project in my hand. We rounded another corner and began to see office doors decorated with state flags. Some congresspeople had their social media handles by their doors, which I found amusing. 

211. 215. We were getting closer.

Weak florescent lights reflected off the glossy floor as we approached our target. We readied our research briefs, rehearsed our stories and adjusted our name tags. We took a deep breath and pushed open the heavy wooden door. 

It was game time.


  1. I've never been to the capitol building. Thank you for this little trip! I was right there with you. I was judging the impractical heels.
    I hope your mission was successful. Our work depends on people like you. I'm grateful for your effort.

  2. I think all Capitol buildings must be confusing! When my group went to Charleston a week ago there were several times we thought we were going in the right direction only to be told we were going the wrong way. I hope they listened to you respectfully.

  3. What you did today was no small thing, and I hope that those you spoke to actually tuned in listening ears.

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    1. Pardon my typo:

      I am so thankful that we (I feel safe implying that anyone who has participated or knows anything about the National Writing Project would agree in my use of "we") have you there fighting for a really, Really, REALLY important program. Thank you for finding your way (as convoluted as it might have been) and using your voice on behalf of us all! Thank you!!!

  5. Katie, I enjoy reading your writing. The clever, vivid details you always include, like the impractical heels clunking by. Really helps to paint the picture. Btw, good for you for committing to such advocacy on behalf of the National Writing Project! Thank you!