Tuesday, March 20, 2018

20/31: Dive Log 001

I went scuba diving yesterday at Waikiki Beach. In honor of my dad, a PADI certified diver, I'm going to try my hand at writing a dive log, something he always does after a dive. 

Dive #: 005
Date: 19 March 2018
Location: Waikiki Beach, HI (Turtle Cove)
Dive Company: Kaimana Divers, LLC

Bottom Time: 75 min. over 2 dives (30 & 45 min)
Max Depth: 45 ft


  • 1 wetsuit (a little too short in the arms, but hey. It worked.)
  • 1 air tank
  • 2 respirators 
  • 3 different buckle points (which my instructor snapped for me...I felt like a child getting buckled into a car seat)
  • 2 bright yellow fins
  • 1 set of weights 


  • 73 degrees air temperature. 
  • Water-chilly. Slightly shivery at the bottom. 
  • Visibility: awesome. Clear view of the bottom immediately upon entry. 

Nature Encounters:

  • 5 sea turtles (plus their fish friends that were cleaning algae off of their shells)
  • 1 majestic sea snake (white with black spots, undulating around looking for food)
  • 2 whitetip reef sharks (regarding me what I thought of as menacingly from underneath a reef, but my dive instructor described them as the puppies of the sea)
  • 1 long, skinny cornetfish 
  • Endless sea urchins
  • Countless parrotfish
  • Long fingers of coral with small fish nestled in between
Diver's Reflections:
When can I get certified, and when can I go again? 


  1. What an unusual piece! So fun for me to be exposed to a diver's log. And what a lovely way to think of your father, by entering a favorite world of his. I really like this piece.
    It is so unique, I am wondering how your idea can help others break out of molds of writing. Perhaps students could write log entries of people in different occupations. (I am reminded of Captain James Kirk and his "Star date..." Perhaps writers could honor those they admire by trying out their means of writing, or by putting themselves in their shoes for a bit- or their wetsuit! I'm so glad I read your post. Lines like "Clear view of the bottom immediately upon entry" and some others really suggest poetry to me :)

  2. Sounds like a magical time underwater! I would have thought the water would have been warmer.

  3. I enjoyed you writing this post as a dive log. It's an informational and creative idea!