Friday, March 30, 2018

30/31: My Day in 6 Words

I'm borrowing an idea from my Slice Partner In Crime, Liz, and writing about my day in 6 words!

Waking: Five minutes before the alarm, eyes wide open

Morning: Large iced tea...I need the caffeine. 

Lunch: Leftover pizza always tastes even better when you forget you brought it for lunch.

Afternoon: Quiet after school help session...and I got to finish my book (Love, Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed)

Evening: Barre class that left me sore in the best way possible.

Bedtime:  In bed by 8 and totally okay with it.

Sleep: Crazy dreams, like if Picasso himself is distorting my reality into exaggerated versions of my day.


  1. I totally agree that leftover pizza tastes better when you forgot that you packed it for lunch. What a wonderful surprise!

  2. My fave - the quiet after school help session. Enjoy your sleep, some nights are go to be at 8 nights.

  3. In bed by 8 O'clock? WoW. But again, on a school day, early night is a wise option. You had such a busy day and you still managed to go to barre class. Take a bow.

    I enjoyed your 6 word slice. Having a slicing partner is always fun, ya?

    Best wishes.


  4. I am impressed that you were in bed by 8! Even the last time I came down with a cold (it's been awhile), I thought I was doing well (for me) being in bed by 9. Your go-to-bed skills put my last-time-I-was-sick self to shame!