Saturday, March 31, 2018

31/31: Easter Candy Weirdo

I've always been a little weird with my Easter candy preferences.

While children across America were pawing through their Easter-grass filled baskets and stuffing Reese's eggs in their mouths and biting the heads off of their chocolate bunnies, I was quietly taking stock of what I had in my own basket and scheming. You see, I knew that the candies I preferred had a low market value. And I could triple my stash if I cut deals with my siblings. I just had to play my cards right.

My wish list was pretty short:

  • Black jelly beans (yes, really) or red jelly beans. Preferably both.
  • Starburst jelly beans
  • Cadbury eggs (none of this mini-egg business...I'm talking the Cadillac of egg-shaped candies: the original full sized Cadbury Creme egg)
  • SweeTart chicks and bunnies

Thankfully, both of my siblings hated licorice-flavored candies, so I could get copious amounts of black jelly beans for a song. Cadbury eggs were also an easy sell: a few mini Crunch eggs could buy me a whole lot of the full-sized chocolate eggs with the creamy, sweet center.

I needed to use my smooth-talking skills a little more when trying to increase my stash of Starburst jellybeans (my sister also enjoyed them), and the chicks and bunnies were a hard sell (especially the blue ones, which we all know are the best).

But despite the odds, every Easter, I managed to get a nice little treasure trove of not-so-popular candies that would last me for an entire...three days.

So if any of your children turn their noses up at their black jelly beans this Sunday, let me know. I know a girl who can take them off your hands...


  1. I love black jelly beans and anything licorice flavored. And definitely yes to the Cadbury Eggs! I hope the Easter bunny brings all the treats you desire.

  2. I just had to go buy jelly beans. I bought them too early for my sons' Easater baskets, then accidentally them, so I needed more. I would trade anything for orange or purple jelly beans, maybe red, and peeps! I love those!

  3. I loved all jelly beans, even black. I would always have them scattered in my basket, every year. I tried to do the same with my children, but none of them like jelly's the weirdest thing. I like your choices of Easter candy!

  4. I am not a jelly bean fan but my son is. He requested them this year. I found some ice cream flavored ones. Not sure if they will be a hit.

  5. My girls were never fond of any of the traditional Easter candies. I gave up buying them candy when they were young and instead they get an appropriate gift for the season and the age.

  6. I always swapped my sister for all of her black jellybeans too! My son only like plain M&Ms and Reese's. I never get to buy jellybeans any more.

  7. I don't have any black jelly beans, but if I did, I'd happily give them all to you -- no trade necessary! I'd hoard everything else, though!