Thursday, March 1, 2018

1/31: Curiosity Soaks the Cat #sol18

My cat has a water problem.

And it's not a fear of water, like you might assume. After all, cats HATE water, right? Not mine. My cat is special.

Tiberius loves water. Like, loves it. A slowly dripping faucet will entertain him for minutes (which, if you have ever had a kitten, is a huge feat) as he tries to catch the drops in his mouth and with his paws. Because of this adorable but messy habit, my bathroom mirror is so dotted with water splotches that looks like it was used to film one of those dramatic face-washing commercials where a weirdly cheerful girl splashes water on her face haphazardly. 

Tiberius's obsession affects everyone. I can no longer shower alone. He will cry as I try to quickly shampoo my hair, begging to be let inside The Fascinating Cube of Water. When I finally turn off the faucet and open the door, he rushes inside to lick the shower floor, leaving his tiny wet paw prints across the bathroom tile.

When my husband closes the door to try to shave in peace and quiet, Tiberius paws at the door, begging to be a part of the fun. Toilets must have their seats down at all times. The few times I've forgotten have Tiberius sees a toilet and thinks, "Oooh! A cat-sized pool!" 

And his addiction is only getting worse. Lately, he's started curling up in the bathroom sink so that he has easy access to his beloved drips. I cannot brush my teeth without bumping into his furry belly. If I try to move him, his plaintive and extremely heartbreaking mews make me stop. I've taken to using the kitchen sink. With my mouth full of sudsy toothpaste, I wonder to myself, Who owns who? 

Oh well. Good thing he's cute.

**My husband, Scott, named Tiberius after James Tiberius Kirk. He's a Trekkie. I had no say.


  1. He's gorgeous! I've got 8 cats, will no doubt be writing about them some this month, and am a total sucker for any slice about a cat. My mom had a cat who loved water too--she'd swirl along the side of the tub and beg to be splashed with water, of all things. By the time my mom finished a bath, the cat would be soaked--and very happy. So, so weird. Tiberius's quirky personality really shines in this slice.

  2. He’s definitely a Special Kitty!! This soooo explains why he wanted to get in the shower with me when I visited! He is like his namesake - wanting “to go where no cat has gone before” 😂

  3. LOL Our cat does the same exact thing! He is named after Jean-Luc Picard, tho ;) How funny!

  4. If you had a dog, maybe he wouldn't fit in the sink and interrupt your teeth brushing! Haha just kidding. He's a cute kitty.

  5. OMG! Look at Tiberius in that photo! What a character! Hope to read more slices about your special kitty cat.

  6. Um...I love the name and I think you should kiss your husband every night for such an amazing cat name!

  7. Aww, Tiberius! Your post inspires me to want to do a post about my own cat children. They likely won't cooperate for pictures, though, especially the cat who occasionally thinks she's effective as my shoulder drapery.