Thursday, March 9, 2017

09/31: The Greeting Card Whisperer #sol17

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers blog for hosting the #sol17 writing challenge! 

It's just a normal Thursday when I see it. 

Even though it is sandwiched between junk mail fliers advertising two for one hamburger deals and our water bill, I know exactly who it's from. I pluck it out and turn it over. Sure enough, the perfect penmanship of my sister in law stretches across the front of the light blue envelope, spelling out my name and my husband's. 

One thing to know about Lisa: she is a master at finding the perfect greeting card. She sends cards for every occasion, big or small, and sometimes, she sends cards for no reason at all. After all, in her opinion, the perfect greeting card is occasion enough. Simply put, the woman is a greeting card whisperer. 

Every card she's ever sent over the five years I've been with her brother has elicited a smile. Lisa knows that anything with cats, puns or food on it is an automatic win for me. Sometimes, she even pulls off the unthinkable: once, I received a card that featured cats floating in space...while sitting on pizza. The inside read, "Hope your day is out of this world!" I remembered looking at it with my mouth half-open, wondering, Where does she find these cards?   

I imagine her meeting someone with a trench card full of black market cards in a dark alley, forking over the cash necessary to replenish her stash and stuffing her purchases into a nondescript bag so as to not raise the suspicions of others. Or maybe she has an inside connection with one of the higher ups at Hallmark who sends her the latest and greatest, hot off the printing press. 

Regardless, she has her ways. And today, I'm the lucky recipient of her skills. I wedge my thumb under the flap of the envelope and begin to tear, eager to see what she has chosen this time.Will it be funny? Cute? Maybe a nice card for the beginning of spring...

 But before I savagely rip into the envelope, something makes me pause. With the kind of clarity that isn't usually afforded to me on Thursday afternoons, I realize that what's inside really doesn't's the fact that she is thoughtful enough to send me a card. Woah, is this what they meant by having a Hallmark Moment? 

And just like that, without even opening the envelope, a normal Thursday morphs into A Fun Mail Thursday, all thanks to Lisa. Tonight, I think I'll go to Target and scour the aisles until I stumble across a something worthy of The Queen of Greeting Cards. After all, if there's anyone in the world who deserves the simple pleasure of an impromptu letter in the mail, it's her. 


  1. I love your descriptions here - especially the vision of the dark alley purchase! We have a greeting card whisperer in our family, too. This was just great!

  2. When you find the perfect card, I think you should print out your slice and put it in the card. This is a perfect tribute to a perfect sister-in-law.

  3. Love it! I love looking at cards, too. My family has a quirky(?) tradition of not signing our cards...maybe just putting a sticky note in there to say from whom it came. That way if you want, you can send it to someone else... it's like a true "gift" card! We have a few other quirky traditions - maybe I'll put it in a post! Thanks for the inspiration today. Hope you find that royal card!

    1. I would LOVE to read that slice...traditions fascinate me!

    2. I put up my card post today.

  4. From the description of finding the card sandwiched between junk mail to the "hallmark moment," you beautifully tailored a slice that made me look forward to checking my mail when I get home! It is the little things that often matter most!

  5. Lovely slice - just lovely! She's my card-hero, and you have a new follower!